Nickel Plated gold

Stories by Brian Bieber

An inept improviser downplays his fake drug addiction to impress a pretty grad student. A jaded trauma surgeon laments the limitations the Hippocratic Oath places on comedy in the workplace.  A forlorn circus clown tries to convince himself he has not been made a fool by his cheating spouse.

Nickel Plated Gold is populated by characters stumbling--sometimes flailing--through lives fraught with self-doubt, delusion, and absurdity. From the ludicrous pontification of “How I Would Fight Certain Animals” to the tender rumination of “Love Life,” Brian Bieber’s first collection of stories is filled with characters who are desperate to do things right, but fail hilariously.

“Without a lot of fanfare or exposition, [Brian] can connect what you don't know with what you do. He recognizes there are moments in art that should be beautiful. There are moments that should not. His swift pacing allows him to do humor successfully; his facility with tone allows him to do absurdism; but it's his rendering of human nature that defines my favorite of his stories.”
-From the foreword by Dessa, author of Spiral Bound 

"Funny, smart, and plenty weird. Buy this book... but maybe keep a sensible distance from the man who wrote it."
-Jason Roeder
Former Senior Writer, The Onion

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