Original stories (with jokes and without). Conversations with people of interest. Earnest sound design.

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Episode 9: "Doctors"

("How to Not Lie at the Blood Bank," "Bad Mouth" with John Boylan, "Doctors")

Episode 8: "Meeting People is Hard"

("Sitting by the Fire, 2063 A.D.," "Amphetamine Twice Monthly," "What Everyone is Talking About" with Kat Burdine, "Love Life")

Episode 7: "Nine and a Half Fingers"

("The Top 5 Worst Films of 1976," "An Artful Throwback" with Andrew Kightlinger, "Fistfuls in the Flowerbed")

Episode 6: "1000 Hurtful Repetitions"

("How I Would Fight Certain Animals," "2 out of 3 Falls" with Steve Bormes, "Violent Acts in Appropriate Settings")

Video Bonus: Rorschach & Leviticus Live at Patrick's Cabaret, April 2003

(Brian Bieber & Joe Thoen as Tom Rorschach & Jeff Leviticus)

Episode 5: "Arrogance, Denial or Brilliant Intuition"

(Patrick Scully of Patrick's Cabaret)

Episode 4: "Calving Season"

(Kristi Lammers of Lammers Ranch)

June Bonus: "Talking Rocking with Stephen Hawking"

(from "The El Ray-dio Show" with Lucy Ray Albers)

June Bonus: "Talking Bull Semen with Kristi Lammers"

(Kristi's brother's bull semen dealership)

Episode 3.5: "One for the Audio Nerds"

(DJ Absolute of Soulcrate Music, Joe Thoen of Artifact Shore)

Episode 3: "What I Have Been Working On Lately"

(Super Happy Funtime Burlesque, Soulcrate Music, "Fix Me" with Dessa)

Episode 2: "Buena Onda"

(Tania Grogan, Heather Mangan, Kat Burdine)

Episode 1.5: "Fantastic"

(Fiction written & read by Dessa)

Episode 1: "Once You Cross 8 Mile..."

(Kiel Mutschelknaus, Dessa of Doomtree, "Fix Me" with ex-girlfriend Jess)